All That You Need To Know About Termites

When it comes to insects at your home or workplace, there are numerous categories that can be witnessed from time to time if not taken care at the right time. However, while there are insects that can be easily dealt with, there are termites; a special kind of pests that are very harmful for your house. Termites in Central Coast are known to be one of those particular pests which can literally ruin your house from inside out by actually eating the foundation and wooden skeleton of any property. Let’s tell you all about how harmful termites can be.

How do Termites look like?

I am sure with all that you have read above, you all must be wondering what exactly these creatures look like. So when you actually want to identify termites, look for antennae and wings that are straight and of equal length and not bent. Whereas, when it comes to their size and colors, it can be said that termites come in different categories.

– Worker termites are 1/4th to ½ inches when it comes to their length and are usually of white in color.

– Soldier termites are known to be about 2/3rd to 3/4th inches and have usually dark colored bodies/

– reproductive termites also ranged from 1/4th to ½ inches and are of light brown or black in color.

What to Termites Eat?

An interesting thing about termite’s that a lot of people may be curious to know is what they actually eat. Well, termites are known to eat dead trees and plants and gain all their nourishment form cellulose which can be found in wood. Of course, every house has wood materials in every area and that is where you can often see termites to be found. They have the ability to literally eat away the wood because that’s what their diet consist of so you may often find them there.

Where to they come from?

The next thing you should be knowing about termites is where exactly do they come from? Well, some of the common areas that cause termites to appear are damp, dry and subterranean environments. Dry wood termites may come to your house through furniture, trees in the surrounding and firewood.

Signs of Termite Infestation

If you fear that your house has termite issues but don’t know how to go about it, below are some of the signs that will help you identify whether the problem actually occurs or not;

– You can witness small holes in dry wall

– Lots of shed wings

– Hollow wood

– Droppings near entry areas of the wood

– Mud tubes

– Maze patterns