The Use Of Masonry In Modern Structures

Masonry is an extremely important part of modern architecture and buildings which means that, it is used extensively in modern buildings to provide an aesthetic look as well as provide functionality. Masonry provides an extremely attractive look to the facade of buildings and can also be used for more structural applications for low rise construction which provides a design which has a greater amount of thermal mass which allows for greater thermal regulation of the temperatures inside the building. This temperature regulation can also work in all seasons as it is designed in such a way which enables it to cool the temperatures in summers and allows for it to increase the temperatures in the winters. This thermal mass temperature regulation is achieved because of the fact that more material mass is needed for the same structural solution in masonry, than in other structural materials such as reinforced concrete or structural steel. This may also be much more inexpensive, as although there is a greater amount of material that is being used for a structural solution, the per unit cost of the masonry is much lower than reinforced concrete or structural steel.

Another note worthy advantage of masonry is that there is lesser need for the use of machinery in the use of masonry as it is laid manually by workers while other options such as the use of reinforced concrete and structural steel require the use of heavy machinery such as cranes, cement mixers and welding instruments. This means that it is especially useful in areas where there are access restrictions such as those areas which are close to city centres or other built up areas. This means that a masonry building can have quick and easy access for the labour and material that is needed which enables for it to be built in areas where there are low access requirements and there is inability of access for machines.

The use of masonry can also be extremely advantageous in areas where labour costs are much lower than the cost for plant and other machinery. This is because the construction with masonry is labour intensive than its more plant intensive counterparts such as steel or reinforced concrete. This means that when the plant hire rates are higher, then masonry can be used to provide savings as the amount of money that would be used in the erection of the structure would be lower due to the lower labour costs.

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