What Are The Different Kinds Of The Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom tiles play an important role in all the interior of the bathroom and luckily there are number of options and types in the bathroom tiles which suit almost every bathroom and is good for whatever kind of look you require. These are available in number of materials, colours and patterns and you can choose the one which you like but before the selection you must be familiar with all of your options and all the pros and cons of these options. 

Vinyl floor:

One of the most common and still the most practical bathroom tiles Gisborne is the vinyl tile. Although it is not a modern tile but it has been in used for over quite time and still is in use because of the easy installation, durability, cost effectiveness, comfort and water resistance. The price and qualities in this tile is also very reasonable and these could even be cut with the knife for the installation purpose. 

Porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles:

However, if you want to go for such kind of quality flooring which resembles to the wood then the ceramic and the porcelain tiles are the best option of these. These tiles may look vert good but these are not comfortable to walk on since these are very hard and in winters these tiles get really cold and due to difficult installation for these tiles these are not very much popular however, these have good colour and these tiles are durable and are resistant to most of the scratches and daily wear and tear. 

Glass bathroom tiles:

You may have seen these tiles installed in very less bathrooms but the aesthetic of these tiles is very much attractive and appealing. However, these tiles are not actually made from the glass but these give the look and the feel of the glass. However, these tiles need to be installed with great care and their durability is dependent on how these are installed. However, one thing you need to make sure that these tiles are not slippery because the bathroom can not be dry all the time and there needs to be the tiles which do not make the floor slippery even when it is wet. Although there are glass bathroom tiles which do not make the floor slippery

Stone tiles:

In the past the stone tiles were only used in the foyer but from sometimes this has also been used for the bathrooms and most of the stone tiles are made from the stone, marble and granite and sometimes lime stone and slate is also used to make the bathroom stone tiles.