Types And Uses Of Floorboards

The interior of any property is very essential for its life and aesthetic. Because as the exterior of the building has to bear the harshness of weathers and external environment but the internal fixture has to bear aa load of traffic and activities, undergoing in the building. It is always recommended that whatever fixture or interior, one needs to installed inside the property. Because every fixture needs to have its purpose and its type must be selected according to the load it has to bear. The most important part of any property that has the most interaction and touchpoints with people living in it, is the floor. This means that whenever you will be selecting the material of the floor, you need to be careful and do your proper homework. Usually, there are various types of floor material like vinyl, hardwood etc. The type of floorboards will be selected based on your utility and eventually cost is also an important factor. The few common types and their uses are;


Vinyl is said to be one of the most popular types of material for flooring. The vinyl is popular because of its durability and availability of multiple designs that can look like hardwood, marble or stone. The vinyl floor can be used in multiple areas like the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. The vinyl is quite inexpensive in comparison with other material and provides durability, which makes it popular for heavy traffic areas like the kitchen. The vinyl floorboard solution can be installed quickly and it makes it cost-effective, as less labour will be required. Also, after installation, they are easy to maintain and slip-resistant but with time, the colour may fade especially if it is exposed to direct sunlight. This makes it not suitable for outdoor surfaces.


Laminate floorboards are consisting of synthetic multi-layer synthetic material, that contains lamination. The good thing about laminate flooring that it looks like the wooden floor. This can be said as the cheapest material for timber flooring Perth. They can be engraved or embossed but it provides a smooth appearance. They are ideal for living room, office use or even for kids’ room. The laminate floor is easy to install and scuffs/scratch resistance, it means once installed, they can last for longer. The hind side is that it can easily be damaged due to water, as moisture can swell the board which is irreversible. Once it loses its colour or shines, it can be repolished or refinished, it has to be replaced.


Harwood is as per its name, made of solid wood. This means it will be giving the true natural look of wood but it comes with a high price tag. But it will truly make its price worthy by enhancing the ambience where it will be laid. For installation of a hardwood floor, expert labour is required and it should be protected from water. Because moisture can damage the wood, so it needs proper maintenance.